Best Hoverboard Tricks you Must Know in 2019

It takes youngsters about few minutes to ace the balancing skill on a hoverboard. From the minute they receive it to the primary provisional advance on, children’s versatile expectations permit them the assurance to go floating under control. Some might take about seven days of strong practice to increase certainty. For every one of you hoping to enhance their aptitudes, become familiar with the easy to semi-troublesome tests and tricks yourself from locales like segway board uk.

Maintain the Balance:

It appears like essential exhortation, however experts riders adhere to it every day. As for the individuals who later figured out how to use the boards with certainty, or the individuals who are as yet adjusting to it, it’s suggested they begin with the stripped down essential traps.


Begin in your courtyard or a vast stay with empty space to avoid flimsy adjacent. Place the board before you and place your foot over the footpads by maintaining the highest points of the foot level on the floor. Utilizing the shins and your feet as stay, you can work on figuring out how to adjust on your knees till you are good enough to take your leg from the ground and freely move about.


When you are sure adjusting, turning, and quickening on the board, tries doing this. Begin with some initial practicing. Use one foot off the hoverboard and maintain yourself on it using the other for a few seconds. You can spin around, yet in case your other leg is maintaining balance, you ought to adjust in a settled spot. It takes certain fixation from your end, however, make sure to unwind.


Warily sit toward one side of the board with the feet balancing on the footpad. Your knees ought to be arched and looking up. Expert users will instruct you to maintain the legs like the butterfly wings in a free, loosened up position. When you get the beat, you can skim effectively forward and backward.

Ten Futuristic Technologies That Are Changing Home Construction

Toiletsquad rates portable toilets and other futuristic toilet options for the home. In fact, not just the home furnishing department but also the construction domain itself has so many cool new advancements.

  1. Carbon nanotubes are being used in concrete in order to increase the strength of the construction.
  2. The use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for construction is becoming a reality. There have been numerous roads and buildings constructed out of recycled materials.
  3. Prefabricated construction blocks are being used in various places. This involves the use of an assembly process to build portions of the building in a factory location and then transport them to the desired construction site.
  4. 3D printing of the construction materials or the entire home can help save a lot of time in the construction process.
  5. In place of manual assembly in construction robotic arrangements are being used on a large scale.
  6. Big data is being used to perform predictive analysis of the market trends. This makes it easy to execute relevant construction projects of a good appreciation value. This also plays a vital role in the budgeting
  7. Design errors might sometimes be found only after actually constructing the structure. This trend has changed now with the ability to walk through an augmented reality model of the building and 3-dimensionally experience the building before the actual construction.
  8. Smart roads are being spoken about in order to make it safer and more convenient to drive. These include better traffic management systems and efficient disaster prevention and handling.
  9. Aerogels are being used as insulation materials to make energy-efficient Also called frozen smoke, aerogels are strong and lightweight.
  10. Mobile technology and wearables are making it easier for the workers in the construction sites to collaborate and communicate better.

How Has Gym Technology Advanced Over The Years

Improvements in innovation have altered numerous parts of our lives to improve things. Truthfully, propels in exercise center innovation has substantially affected how individuals presently react to wellness. From following your wellness advancement to pulling in fresh individuals to your exercise center, here are some methods on  suppléments pré-entraînement that work out center innovation has progressed throughout the years.

Expandedfeeling of networks:

Obtaining the inspiration to visit the exercise center can be dubious all alone, hence it’s essential to urge the members of the gym to network with one another in classes as well as outside. In case individuals become familiar and consider to be part of the network, they are bound to go to training to check and bolster their companions and talk about their own wellness objectives and advancement.

Faster and simpler to register:

The greatest favorable circumstances of this innovation are that you don’t have to go to or contact the nearby work out center to register for a wellness training. Rather, you ought to provide your individuals the alternative to register on the web via a site or a personal gym application.

Pull in fresh individuals to the gym:

There exist different methods you can utilize computerized advertising to advance your work out center’s wellness classes, offices, items, administrations, and recent offers available. This incorporates setting paid advertisements on sites, and putting up adverts via social networks. In case you utilize exercise center administration programming, you can publicize your recent promotions and offers by providing focused messages and emails to the members of your gym.

Track the fitness advances successfully:

Because of the latest advancements, the individuals can follow an assortment of measurements as they work out. These vary from the pulse rate and the measure of calories you’ve consumed in every exercise to height and separation voyaged. Few have worked in maps to provide you a measurement of the run, walk and cycle courses.

Five Ways Tech Will Save the Environment

Tech is often considered to be one of the major contributors to pollution. But the truth is that it is often when the tech is misused or overused that pollution occurs. Technology has the solution to nearly every problem we encounter. Similarly, tech also has a solution to the problem of global warming. So if we could unite and make the best use of green technology we could work towards reducing the harm caused to the planet. If you are looking for solar appliances or lights for your home, then check out ClimateCounts Solar light ratings. These are simple ways in which you can work towards going green.

  1. Digital ways of sharing and storing information

Instead of using papers for documentation modern tech relies more on digital information. So even if there is information to be shared or documents to be submitted for some official processes then the digital copies could be emailed.

  1. Smoke-free automobile

Electric cars are growing popular. They are very much like conventional cars but there is no burning of fuel and so there is no problem of smoke polluting the air.

  1. Preserving the wildlife and natural resources

IoT could be used to track the natural resources – both flora and fauna in the critical regions and especially for the endangered species. This can prevent poaching and illegal hunting.

  1. Drone monitoring for farms and forests

Drones are being used to identify and notify about diseases and pest issues in agricultural lands and also to stop poaching in forests.

  1. Pollution level monitoring

Emission of gases could easily be detected and the sources could be identified and eliminated when required. There are digital sniffing devices to help achieve this.

The use of tech for monitoring current levels of pollution and preventing the future possibilities of land water and air pollution is a slow process which can be achieved with collective efforts of people around the world.

Why Decluttering is Worth It: 7 Reasons You’ll Love Living with Less

Have you ever walked around your house and wondered what you would ever do with so much stuff? Wondering how so many things came into the house in the first place? Are there a number of things that have not been used in ages? This means you need to seriously de-clutter at the earliest.

A cluttered place can be like a bird’s nest. One may not know what the things inside are and can never really pull something out in the time of need. For bird control issues, one can get professional help from bird netting Glasgow but for your house clutter, you need to get down to business and get it de-cluttered.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to de-clutter and will actually like living that way:

  1. More Space

The obvious answer is more space. When you get rid of things you have never used or never intend to use, you make more space for things you would actually use. Now with more space, you can actually buy that lamp you have been looking at for months.

  1. Less Cleaning

Lesser the clutter, lesser is the cleaning required. When you have less mess to sort out, you are bound to find it easier to clean. Also, cobwebs formation will be lesser.

  1. Know What You Have

When you de-clutter you will actually find out what all you have inside your house. You may have bought something and forgotten it but now you can make use of it.

  1. No Repeated Buys

When you know what you have, you won’t end up misplacing or buying the same item in multiples. When there is too much clutter, you tend to misplace things and end up buying the same thing again, simply because you were unable to find it.

  1. Better Ambience

When your house is free of clutter, the ambiance itself becomes better. The place is cleaner and more inviting and probably will encourage you to spend more time at home

  1. More Inviting

When a house is clean, less cluttered and organized, it is more inviting. Now you can invite your friends over without worrying about getting it clean enough in time.

  1. Saves Time

When there is less mess, you can find things easily. You hereby spend lesser time looking for things that may be hidden in the pile of clutter were your house still messy.

Is Technology Making Drug Testing Easier Or Harder?

More and more companies are gearing up to find new methods to test for drugs so that innumerable problems like reduced work output and higher attrition rates can be avoided. However, the question of contention is whether the latest technological advancements are making it easier to test for drugs or increasing the difficulty level of finding out drug addictions.

What are the latest findings?

Among other things, the latest finding in the drug test industry is the saliva test. This test is being touted as the ‘granddaddy’ of all drug tests till date. The reason for this label is the fact that not only does the test give you fast results but is also a cheaper and more effective alternative to the urine test.

The test requires a sampling device to be placed under the tongue for five minutes and it will make cheating a test next to impossible. Saliva is easily tested and is more accurate than plasma or blood. The best part about a saliva test is the fact that it can be conducted from start to finish at the very site of collection and thus there is less hassle involved.

Is it more effective?

Yes, of course. Saliva testing is more effective than blood testing because blood contains several metabolites while saliva does not. Although the same things are found in both the tests, saliva testing is way more streamlined. The sampling device that is placed under the tongue is coated with SMPE that draws out the toxic traces of drugs and makes drug testing easier and more effective.

Is there a way out?

Honestly, there is no way out of a saliva test but the only thing you could do is take detox drinks to flush out the toxins from your system way before the test is to be performed. My wife bought me this detox drink that helped save my career last year.

Digital Health Technology for Weight Loss

“Health is not valued until sickness comes in”; read this thought today and felt so apt. It’s so true, that we underestimate our own body and health unless we get any kind of sickness. Today’s health issue majorly is obesity, we see obesity common even in young children who are prone to diseases and conditions, like heart problems, digestion issues, low glycaemic indices and so on.

Scientifically, obesity and stress are the common causes of any ailment. If you have these two or anyone the higher side, be assured that you will have any of the ailments like BP, Diabetes, and Thyroid, PCOD, and Hormonal imbalance! Well, it’s not anymore for Women alone, even men experience all these issues, while PCOD has been replaced with low testosterone levels, low sperm count and so on.

So, how can we maintain good health, with increased distractions and stressed lifestyle? Well, everything has its own ups and downs, similarly, the tech-savvy life you are leading- more addiction to mobile, TV and gadgets can be used to healthify you!

Yes!! All of these digital technology contributions can contribute to better health. Use your mobile to set a water intake reminder, to exercise, to download healthy cooking app, use to count your steps taken outdoors and indoors, use to set alarms to eat on time, to watch out for new exercise patterns, we are sure you will benefit.

Here is a healthy option to lose weight: “Download”

  • Download the apps that support weight loss program, which has various categories of information regarding weight loss.
  • Download the water reminder app.
  • Download workout apps, which will require just 5 minutes of your time.
  • Download the app to cook healthy food, with low ingredients and in less time.
  • Download the app that counts your walking time and calories burnt.
  • Download the app that measures your quality of sleep.

When you eat healthy, workout a minimum of 3 days, and sleep well, you are sure to be blessed with good health. Isn’t technology a boon too?!!!

What Camera Tech Should I Be Looking For?

Buying a camera is one thing and buying the best camera is one another thing! If you are a person, who prefer the latter way then, without any hesitation look out for the below-mentioned remarkable technology or the features in your device to enjoy the best moments captured in the best way, all the times!

  • Megapixels

Who wouldn’t love to witness a sharper image that has brilliantly captured every minuscule detail of the interested object? In fact, professional photography or not, it is all about capturing a quality image for which the resolution aka the megapixel or MP is highly significant. Although you need not greatly emphasize on this factor and worry about getting one with as high resolution as 20 MP or more, indeed it is one of the most required features expected in a cam that would do good even with a value as nominal as the 8MP or so.

  • The Lens Quality

The quality of the lens also speaks about the quality of your image, perhaps even more than the Megapixels feature and that is why you should never fail to concentrate on this aspect so keenly while procuring your quintessential one. From shooting a moving image to shooting an image in a low-light setting, the perfect lens can make your photography simply perfect with the help of certain attributes like the optical image stabilization that offer quality images anywhere, anytime!

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Although for a generic photographer this specific feature may or may not be that essential, if you are a passionate hunter or a passionate wildlife photographer capturing the undiscovered moments of the wild creatures even in a deeper and a darker forest and witnessing them almost instantaneously from your place could only be possible if your camera is enhanced with this futuristic technology! Although this feature could demand more of your wallet, with the increasing growth of the technology, relief is very well likely anytime sooner! What better place than Trail Cam Picks to know more about such cameras?

Latest software techniques

Technology is advancing at a fast pace and in no time artificial intelligence may soon be the ruling trend. All this is happening due to the constant innovations in the world of software development. So, for the software geeks and for the not-so-tech savvy people, get to know what is new and trending in the software business today.

  1. GUI Automation Test

This testing is an automated function based on the GUI object-oriented capture technology. Here the test data is built up on the ant colony algorithm by making use of bit coding. The advantage of this method is that it has improved the testing paths, lowered the amount of precocity and stagnation.

  1. Test-Driven Development

As the title suggests, programming is directed by simultaneous testing. Here, all related test cases must be written down first and only then is the actual code written and developed. This process is repeated until the complete software has been developed. This kind of testing is iterative in nature and this model has been recommended for extreme programming. This method of iteration and incremental testing will incorporate new functionalities at each stage until program completion. Thus, this kind of development has a cumulative effect – incremental testing on test scenarios, followed by regression testing on the developed program.

  1. Embedded Software Simulation Test

Successful program development was carried out using the model-view-controller based embedded software design. On the plus side, this system improved the repeatability and adaptability of the program.

  1. Component Software Testability

The method of metadata selection is applied post the selection of a test case. The information is embedded into the component to achieve results of the test case. The basis of this method uses UML testing to test meta-model.

  1. Software Testing Tools

There are plenty of free and paid software testing tools, which are now available easily. Decision to use the tool depends on the project requirements and these can be broadly categorised into three types, namely, Test Management tools, Functional Testing Tools and Load Testing Tools.

For accurate and latest testing methods, you can get your software tested here. Check it out and reach out now.

Which Privacy Setting Should I Use On Social Networking Sites?

When you are browsing online, you are oblivious to the various threats awaiting you. You may think there is no one around you and hence no one knows what you are up to. But you are being watched online and there are many hackers who develop software just to infect your system.

There are any spyware and malware doing the rounds on a regular basis. These get downloaded to your system when you access some infected page. Once they are in your system, your privacy is at threat and you may even lose your files. When your system crashed suddenly, you stand to lose all that is saved on that system. Sometimes, nothing can be recovered.

Secure Yourself

When you are on a social networking site, your privacy has the biggest threat. What you share online, intending it to be only for close people, can reach anyone and everyone around the world. Hence it is important to go through the terms and conditions and understand the various privacy settings, to ensure you are well secured.

All social media sites have different privacy settings. Go to settings and check what your options are. Select the maximum safety possible if you are sharing a lot of personal photos and videos on these sites. You can decide who gets access to all that you upload or share. Ensure only your friends can access them.

For content that is not too personal, where you are just sharing some information, you need not worry much. It is the personal details, photos and videos that is under a security threat.

Though these settings are meant to help you stay safe, I use this user-friendly app to secure my online privacy. It not only helps me keep unwanted people away from my profile and from downloading my photos and videos, it also warns me when someone is trying to hack into my account and access all the files uploaded.

Car Full Stuff: The Best Car Organization Tips And Gadgets You Should Use

Owning or having a car is not a big thing today for every Tom, Dick and Harry has one; but it is about what you have in your car. In simple terms, a car is a type of carrier of people from one place to the other. This is how the cars of the olden days were. These vehicles were slowly upgraded and enhanced with basic comforts like an A/C, media player etc and the present day cars have what not; everything is now made available in a car from the GPS systems to the weather forecasting system. Now let`s take a look at some of the real stuff for cars that would make it the best transporter. Again these are not just for the cars but for even the cargo carriers.

  • As said above a GPS System that would make the travel an easy and exciting one. You will never be confused or made to wait searching for the location for this system would help you with the exact location details, the distance and even the approximate time of your reaching at the destination spot. This system would also help you have a look at the important spots on the way like an eatery, a refreshment centre etc…
  • An audio-video system that would entertain you throughout the journey.
  • Most importantly you should have mobile sockets for charging your drained batteries on the way.

With technology offering you so much, you should be able to use and enjoy all its surprises and awe inspiring gadgets and you definitely need not be a tech savvy for this purpose. I absolutely love these cargo carriers and cars that come with all these to make the journey an exciting and entertaining one.

How automating twitter can improve your following

Whether it is a small business or a large one, focusing on the social media marketing strategies is critical these days. Learn from the big players to understand how important it is to evaluate social media engagement. It is not just the millennials but people of all age groups are active on social media these days. So if you ask, “what is the quickest way to get to your customers?” the answer is “social media”. Twitter in particular is used by several businesses to be ahead of their competitors. But if you really wish to be visible and to get popular on Twitter you would also need to work on the number of followers. Higher the number of followers, better would be the reach.

Hier deutsche Twitter Follower kaufen is something you should have heard about. Because people are now able to buy followers on Twitter. One other way to do it is automating your Twitter activities.

Twitter is not easy to manage

It takes a lot of time to actually stay active on Twitter. Look at the total number of users on Twitter. Go back and check the number in a few minutes and you would be surprised to see how fast this number is increasing. So how do you actually make yourself visible in the crowd? Automation can make this easier for you. It can save a lot of time. Twitter management is time consuming. Unless you have hours to spend each day on Twitter alone you should consider the very convenient automation option.

Keep a check on how you use it

Not many are fond of Twitter automation. So if you are planning to use this strategy be cautious not to overdo it. Aggressive automation is something that you should not be doing. It might even lead to you losing your account.


Are you a guy wanting to do something special for the most important lady of your life? Whether it is your mother, sister, or girlfriend you will never fail to make your mark with a gift that she will cherish all her life. This might mean you burn a hole in your pocket, but be rest assured it will be an investment that will never fail you.

One of the best ways to say something special is by gifting something special to her. YSL handbags to make your girlfriends happy  are the best way to be someone’s prince charming. But again when you are planning on spending that much, you need to beware of the many fakes that are available. You may not be able to tell them apart, and might ruin your plan of a perfect surprise.

So to save you the embarrassment of buying a fake, we have for you a few pointers to bear in mind. These points help you differentiate between a real YSL bag and a fake one. Some of them are as follows:

  • A real YSL bag will never have a tag hanging from it. Even if the tag says, ‘Original’ or ‘Genuine leather’ it will still be a fake.
  • An original YSL bag will always have the serial number of the bag embossed on. You will commonly find the number embossed inside the bag. A fake one will never have numbers embossed on them.
  • Always make sure you carry the picture of an original YSL bag along with you when you go to purchase. This will help you compare the features and tell if the bag is an original or fake.
  • The YSL label on the bag will always be aligned evenly. It will never be smudged. And the name “Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” will be mentioned in full. There will be no short forms.

What You Need For Marketing


Running a business is not an easy job. It is difficult to build something from scratch and have it succeed according to your expectations as well. In order for a business to grow according to the wishes of a business owner, it must be planned and executed strategically. One of the key aspects of growing a business is the marketing strategy employed, this will either make or break a business.

In the digital age, a business that evolves across platforms and employs a marketing strategy that envisions communications across platforms is what will work best. These tools make sure that a business makes the most out of all available avenues and is able to sustain itself in the competitive market.

Getting Help

As a new business owner, the one thing driving you is your passion for your project as well as the drive to prove naysayers wrong, however, this can be a huge ask if you have no idea what’s going on. Most people still operate under the assumption that there are only a few tried and tested marketing mediums that work. The changes in the last few years don’t seem to have made any headway in their modus operandi.

For these new business owners SMS text marketing made easy should be the driving mantra for this chosen avenue of marketing. It is no difficult to try out this marketing technique, and entrepreneurs must be open to different ideas especially ones that will benefit them and their business in the long run.

For a new entrepreneur, seeking help to grow their business is the perfect way to cope with the challenges of running a solo operation. When the task of marketing and promotions is handed over to a pre-built software that will automate certain tasks for you, then, there is really nothing like it. So, before you begin your entrepreneurial journey, start with learning about the tools that will help you and employ them to your benefit.

Best Vlogging DSLRs 2017

Most Vloggers have great passion in capturing videos. A Vlogger can produce a high-quality video only when he has got a very good camera or equipment with him. Having the vloggers in mind, here are few DSLRs cameras that are best suited for vlogging in 2017.

The most important thing to be considered in DSLR is the lens. So, do care about it before purchasing one. DSLRs are best suitable for Vloggers who like to shoot their shots in a specific place like a studio. This is because DSLR are not suitable for carrying it always due to their size and lenses. Some of the best DSLRs for vlogging in 2017 are as follows

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is the first full frame camera to be released that provides a high quality. This is best for capturing videos in low lighting. So, you can give best shots in natural light. It is known for the best autofocus system that is available on the market and comes with wide variety of lenses.

Canon EOS RebelT7i

This DSLR is being used by many Vloggers for years. This is because this is one of the best DSLR that are less costlier and provides excellent video coverage. It comes with flip-out screen and autofocus. Slow motion videos can be captured excellently. Doesn’t it sound great? Considering all its improved features, I upgrading my vlogging camera to this.

Canon EOS 80D

This DSLR camera is specially made for taking videos. It comes with headphone so that one can capture audio along with the video. This is apt for taking slow motion shots. It has a good timelapse feature and has got a good battery life. It is one of the best autofocus cameras that comes for a minimal price.

Benefits of Uploading YouTube Videos to Promote Business

YouTube is one such source of watching videos that receives billions of views on a daily basis. Majority of the businesses, be it local or large scale, have taken their work online by making captivating videos to lure more and more audience. This has turned out to be a great way of marketing the products and services offered by the company.

It is a fact that a video holds much higher power to attract the audience for the longest period of time as compared to normal texts and adverts in newspapers or on hoardings. The business owners also get a chance to showcase all the services they offer and elaborate their product’s quality. Video ads remain in the minds of the viewers for a long time, thus strengthening the marketing plan of a company.

How YouTube videos help

Being handled by one of the greatest companies worldwide, Google, YouTube allows the business owners to expand their horizons and reach out their audience in a more effective way. Here are some of the ways in which YouTube videos bring fame and name for a business:

  • The viewers watching videos on YouTube tend to share testimonials regarding the content available on the video, which further helps in making the brand name. The potential buyers can go through those testimonials and decide to buy their products or services in a fraction of second.
  • The business holders can create playlists, which will help the audience to go through the required videos in a pre-defined series. They can view the tutorials and understand the functioning of a product or company as a whole.
  • After watching the videos, the target audience generally leave their comments and feedbacks on the content. This holds the power to influence other buyers to invest their money in the products or services promoted in the video. YouTube has got viewers and comments here, thus proving to be a dependable source.
  • With the help of YouTube, you can manage and control the description and title of the content you show in the video. This can be done by introducing Search Engine Optimization.

This medium has proven to be a useful mode of communication in the past. This is why it has become an integral part of promotional programs now. Ensure to use it wisely without violating its regulations.

How to Make it Big as an Indie Mobile App Developer

So, you’ve finally decided to leave your corporate job and start your career anew as a freelance app developer. Congratulations for taking that bold step to independence!

Now, how will you get started? As of this writing, countless apps are there in the app stores—but this should never discourage you from making your mark in the industry. Let me share with you some tips on becoming successful in this field.


Learn from the failures of terrible apps.

Evaluate not just the best apps but also the worst ones—what went wrong, what’s missing, and what could be improved. This way, you won’t repeat the same mistakes.

Develop simple apps first.

As a fledgling indie mobile developer, it’s not yet the right time to be ambitious with your projects. Start small by coming up with simple apps that can be released in as fast as 2 months. Your success rate will be higher because doing so enables you to experiment with a lot of ideas and innovations, as well as create many apps that will become part of your portfolio.

Create something with passion.

As with any kind of pursuit, making it big as an app developer entails passion—a lot of it. So make sure you work only on something that you’re passionate about. Otherwise, it will be just a complete waste of your time.

Get a good teammate.

Two heads are better than one—this couldn’t be truer in app development. Find someone who share the same passion and goals with you and who you’ll see yourself collaborating and exchanging ideas with for the long run.

Just do it!

Overthinking and obsessing about whether you’ll succeed or fail will just cause delays. Just get started and believe in yourself. With constant trial and error, you will be able to improve and eventually make things happen.

Becoming a successful app developer takes patience, hard work, and persistence. So when you fail for the first time, don’t be disheartened. Learn your lessons, and do better next time.

4 Fun Mobile Games to Play Remotely with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Thanks to technology, long distance relationships no longer feel like a punishment like it was decades ago. Instant messaging and video chat apps, for example, let you communicate with and see the love of your life, albeit on a digital screen.

You know what’s even better? You can spend time having fun while playing games with your long distance lover. Catering to a variety of interests, plenty of apps are available for couples who want to spend quality time together even if they’re miles and time zones apart.

Draw Something

(Free for iOS and Android)

This word-guessing game works like Pictionary—you choose a word from a list, draw it (or your clue to the word if it’s too abstract to draw), and have your boyfriend or girlfriend guess it. You earn coins for each correct answer. It’s a hilarious game that will keep you playing for hours.



($0.99 for iOS; free for Android)

The well-designed mobile version of the all-time favorite classic board game, Monopoly will have you and your partner buy and sell properties, compete for the Boardwalk, and take a ride on the Reading Railroad.


Hatchi – A Retro Virtual Pet

($0.99 for iOS; free for Android)

Does raising a virtual pet sound fun to you? With its retro look, Hatchi will take you back to the days when caring for a virtual pet was a hit. Not only does it have you feed, clean, and play with your pet; it also offers mini-games that are also reminiscent of classic traditional childhood games like rock-scissors-paper and tic-tac-toe.


(Free for iOS and Android)

Football-loving couples, here’s the perfect mobile game for you! You get to play virtually with real-life players and teams, and its two-player mode enables playing the game at the same time. Because it’s a graphics-heavy game, your smartphone must have advanced specs (like long battery life and higher RAM) fit for gaming.

What’s game do you like playing with your partner? Let us know in the comments!

Top 5 Free Android Games in 2017: Which Apps are Worth Your Time?

Just because there are a lot of free game apps nowadays that don’t cost you a penny, doesn’t mean you should go on a downloading spree. Consider this: would you rather play a quick game that’s so boring it doesn’t challenge you or a game that’s more engaging and stimulating?

In short, what free mobile games are worth your time? The good news is that plenty of superb, well-thought-out games are available for Android users. Here’s a quick list:

Blown Away

Join the journey of Hendrik, a jolly hero with “teleporting shoes.” This game takes puzzle-solving to a whole new level by making the player teleport around the levels instead of jumping. If this game doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what will.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever

If you adore the internet-famous Grumpy Cat, then waste no time downloading this game to your phone. Far from being the worst game ever, the app features various mini-games that will challenge you and make you fall in love with the cranky feline all the more.

Clumsy Ninja

Another character-oriented game app on this list, Clumsy Ninja involves some mini-games for training an awkward warrior. Many gamers regard Clumsy Ninja as one of the most innovative mobile games ever.

Zombies, Run!

With its creepy sound effects and awesomely engaging story, you’ll enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with being chased by virtual zombies.

Sky Dancer

This game app is like Temple Run—only more exciting and thrilling. You get to defy gravity when the game gets up to speed, and your maneuvering skills will be put to test as you try your damnedest best not to fall to the desert floor.

These are just five out of the many brilliant free Android games out there. What’s your favorite? Share it in the comments below!