Welcome to my blog! I’m Lorena, a 30-something independent mobile game developer based in Albany, Georgia. I specialize in Android gaming app development.

I’m proud to be among the 6-10% female developers in the world. In the mobile gaming industry dominated by men, I believe that women bring a fresh perspective to app development that males usually fail to notice.

I have a degree in computer science. Yes, that makes me a computer geek at heart! Even before I graduated from college, I was developing gaming apps on the side.

From being an ordinary gaming enthusiast, I got to work for several tech companies where I created game apps for smartphones and other mobile platforms. In December 2016, I decided to take the freelance path, after reading and being inspired by stories of indie app developers who made it big in the industry.

So here I am now—building and maintaining a blog that I hope can inspire and encourage aspiring app developers to keep improving their craft. Konamimobile.com is also created for non-developer mobile gaming fans who want to find useful information like reviews and tips that will enhance their gaming experience.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m open to advertising, sponsorships, and contributions. If you want to work with me on anything related to my niche, shoot me an email: info@konamimobile.com.