Most Vloggers have great passion in capturing videos. A Vlogger can produce a high-quality video only when he has got a very good camera or equipment with him. Having the vloggers in mind, here are few DSLRs cameras that are best suited for vlogging in 2017.

The most important thing to be considered in DSLR is the lens. So, do care about it before purchasing one. DSLRs are best suitable for Vloggers who like to shoot their shots in a specific place like a studio. This is because DSLR are not suitable for carrying it always due to their size and lenses. Some of the best DSLRs for vlogging in 2017 are as follows

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This is the first full frame camera to be released that provides a high quality. This is best for capturing videos in low lighting. So, you can give best shots in natural light. It is known for the best autofocus system that is available on the market and comes with wide variety of lenses.

Canon EOS RebelT7i

This DSLR is being used by many Vloggers for years. This is because this is one of the best DSLR that are less costlier and provides excellent video coverage. It comes with flip-out screen and autofocus. Slow motion videos can be captured excellently. Doesn’t it sound great? Considering all its improved features, I upgrading my vlogging camera to this.

Canon EOS 80D

This DSLR camera is specially made for taking videos. It comes with headphone so that one can capture audio along with the video. This is apt for taking slow motion shots. It has a good timelapse feature and has got a good battery life. It is one of the best autofocus cameras that comes for a minimal price.

Best Vlogging DSLRs 2017

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