Tech is often considered to be one of the major contributors to pollution. But the truth is that it is often when the tech is misused or overused that pollution occurs. Technology has the solution to nearly every problem we encounter. Similarly, tech also has a solution to the problem of global warming. So if we could unite and make the best use of green technology we could work towards reducing the harm caused to the planet. If you are looking for solar appliances or lights for your home, then check out ClimateCounts Solar light ratings. These are simple ways in which you can work towards going green.

  1. Digital ways of sharing and storing information

Instead of using papers for documentation modern tech relies more on digital information. So even if there is information to be shared or documents to be submitted for some official processes then the digital copies could be emailed.

  1. Smoke-free automobile

Electric cars are growing popular. They are very much like conventional cars but there is no burning of fuel and so there is no problem of smoke polluting the air.

  1. Preserving the wildlife and natural resources

IoT could be used to track the natural resources – both flora and fauna in the critical regions and especially for the endangered species. This can prevent poaching and illegal hunting.

  1. Drone monitoring for farms and forests

Drones are being used to identify and notify about diseases and pest issues in agricultural lands and also to stop poaching in forests.

  1. Pollution level monitoring

Emission of gases could easily be detected and the sources could be identified and eliminated when required. There are digital sniffing devices to help achieve this.

The use of tech for monitoring current levels of pollution and preventing the future possibilities of land water and air pollution is a slow process which can be achieved with collective efforts of people around the world.

Five Ways Tech Will Save the Environment

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