Technology is advancing at a fast pace and in no time artificial intelligence may soon be the ruling trend. All this is happening due to the constant innovations in the world of software development. So, for the software geeks and for the not-so-tech savvy people, get to know what is new and trending in the software business today.

  1. GUI Automation Test

This testing is an automated function based on the GUI object-oriented capture technology. Here the test data is built up on the ant colony algorithm by making use of bit coding. The advantage of this method is that it has improved the testing paths, lowered the amount of precocity and stagnation.

  1. Test-Driven Development

As the title suggests, programming is directed by simultaneous testing. Here, all related test cases must be written down first and only then is the actual code written and developed. This process is repeated until the complete software has been developed. This kind of testing is iterative in nature and this model has been recommended for extreme programming. This method of iteration and incremental testing will incorporate new functionalities at each stage until program completion. Thus, this kind of development has a cumulative effect – incremental testing on test scenarios, followed by regression testing on the developed program.

  1. Embedded Software Simulation Test

Successful program development was carried out using the model-view-controller based embedded software design. On the plus side, this system improved the repeatability and adaptability of the program.

  1. Component Software Testability

The method of metadata selection is applied post the selection of a test case. The information is embedded into the component to achieve results of the test case. The basis of this method uses UML testing to test meta-model.

  1. Software Testing Tools

There are plenty of free and paid software testing tools, which are now available easily. Decision to use the tool depends on the project requirements and these can be broadly categorised into three types, namely, Test Management tools, Functional Testing Tools and Load Testing Tools.

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