Are you a guy wanting to do something special for the most important lady of your life? Whether it is your mother, sister, or girlfriend you will never fail to make your mark with a gift that she will cherish all her life. This might mean you burn a hole in your pocket, but be rest assured it will be an investment that will never fail you.

One of the best ways to say something special is by gifting something special to her. YSL handbags to make your girlfriends happy  are the best way to be someone’s prince charming. But again when you are planning on spending that much, you need to beware of the many fakes that are available. You may not be able to tell them apart, and might ruin your plan of a perfect surprise.

So to save you the embarrassment of buying a fake, we have for you a few pointers to bear in mind. These points help you differentiate between a real YSL bag and a fake one. Some of them are as follows:

  • A real YSL bag will never have a tag hanging from it. Even if the tag says, ‘Original’ or ‘Genuine leather’ it will still be a fake.
  • An original YSL bag will always have the serial number of the bag embossed on. You will commonly find the number embossed inside the bag. A fake one will never have numbers embossed on them.
  • Always make sure you carry the picture of an original YSL bag along with you when you go to purchase. This will help you compare the features and tell if the bag is an original or fake.
  • The YSL label on the bag will always be aligned evenly. It will never be smudged. And the name “Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche” will be mentioned in full. There will be no short forms.

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