When you are browsing online, you are oblivious to the various threats awaiting you. You may think there is no one around you and hence no one knows what you are up to. But you are being watched online and there are many hackers who develop software just to infect your system.

There are any spyware and malware doing the rounds on a regular basis. These get downloaded to your system when you access some infected page. Once they are in your system, your privacy is at threat and you may even lose your files. When your system crashed suddenly, you stand to lose all that is saved on that system. Sometimes, nothing can be recovered.

Secure Yourself

When you are on a social networking site, your privacy has the biggest threat. What you share online, intending it to be only for close people, can reach anyone and everyone around the world. Hence it is important to go through the terms and conditions and understand the various privacy settings, to ensure you are well secured.

All social media sites have different privacy settings. Go to settings and check what your options are. Select the maximum safety possible if you are sharing a lot of personal photos and videos on these sites. You can decide who gets access to all that you upload or share. Ensure only your friends can access them.

For content that is not too personal, where you are just sharing some information, you need not worry much. It is the personal details, photos and videos that is under a security threat.

Though these settings are meant to help you stay safe, I use this user-friendly app to secure my online privacy. It not only helps me keep unwanted people away from my profile and from downloading my photos and videos, it also warns me when someone is trying to hack into my account and access all the files uploaded.

Which Privacy Setting Should I Use On Social Networking Sites?

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