More and more companies are gearing up to find new methods to test for drugs so that innumerable problems like reduced work output and higher attrition rates can be avoided. However, the question of contention is whether the latest technological advancements are making it easier to test for drugs or increasing the difficulty level of finding out drug addictions.

What are the latest findings?

Among other things, the latest finding in the drug test industry is the saliva test. This test is being touted as the ‘granddaddy’ of all drug tests till date. The reason for this label is the fact that not only does the test give you fast results but is also a cheaper and more effective alternative to the urine test.

The test requires a sampling device to be placed under the tongue for five minutes and it will make cheating a test next to impossible. Saliva is easily tested and is more accurate than plasma or blood. The best part about a saliva test is the fact that it can be conducted from start to finish at the very site of collection and thus there is less hassle involved.

Is it more effective?

Yes, of course. Saliva testing is more effective than blood testing because blood contains several metabolites while saliva does not. Although the same things are found in both the tests, saliva testing is way more streamlined. The sampling device that is placed under the tongue is coated with SMPE that draws out the toxic traces of drugs and makes drug testing easier and more effective.

Is there a way out?

Honestly, there is no way out of a saliva test but the only thing you could do is take detox drinks to flush out the toxins from your system way before the test is to be performed. My wife bought me this detox drink that helped save my career last year.

Is Technology Making Drug Testing Easier Or Harder?

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